Water Conservation Services



You want to conserve water but you don't want to let your lawn die. Or you have visited your local gardening supply store and the sales person sells you a "Smart Controller" and you can't figure out how to use it. Your water agency demands you conserve water and you just don't know where to start. We at Pine Tree Energy Council are Californian's too, and understand  how confusing and frustrating it is to conserve water without simply turning off the tap.

Access to smart sensible solutions is easier than you think. Pine Tree Energy Council has a team dedicated to water conservation. We can currently help residential customers meet drought regulations, reduce water waste and enjoy healthy green landscapes.


With your donation, you will receive a 15 minute phone consultation with a Pine Tree Energy Council water conservation expert about how you can maximize your existing landscape and minimize your water consumption. Additionally you will receive a copy of Pine Tree Energy Council's 1-2-3 irrigation scheduling advisor tool.


Donate now and be part of the change!


As a project manager, water conservation expert, and a DIY enthusiast, Mike is the head of the water conservation services department here at Pine Tree Enegy Council.

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Irrigation Hyrdrozones and Scheduling

Learn how you can save water simply by grouping plants together and maximizing your controllers scheduling capabilities.

Healthy Lawns and Water Conservation

Why is my neighbors grass always so green? Water restrictions in place? Learn how you can achieve a green lawn with less water, no runoff, no fogging and no overspray. 

Efficient Hydration Techniques

Do you like to grow your own fruit trees or just want to keep your shade trees healthy? Learn how you can maximize your trees health by irrigating them right at the source.