Pine Tree Energy Council offers an array of services to help you be better in every way.  We believe that every organization and everyone has the ability to change its energy consumption in order to maximize their potential.  That's why our services take you through the process of energy savings from start to finish.  


It doesn't take much to be energy efficient.  In fact, it doesn't cost you or your business anything to make a huge impact both to your bottomline and the environment.  But in order to take advantage of these potential benefits, you'll have to learn more about energy efficiency and why being efficient is the smart and right choice.  


Pine Tree offers Eco-Sense seminars to the community and businesses. Email us to inquire about the next seminar or to set up a presentation at your place of business.  


Where do you begin now that you know where to make those cost-saving changes?  


Having a long and short term strategy in place when making decisions such as when and how to communicate changes to employees or how your energy efficiency efforts fall in line with your other business priorities, will make a world of difference. It's looking at the big picture and knowing where and when each aspect of your efforts should be executed and why.  


Contact us and we'll help you build a strategy that is fitting of your organization.  


You want to do the right thing but everywhere you turn it seems like a salesperson is trying to sell you their next big energy efficient product rather than listen to your needs.  Or you've got an energy-savings plan in place but your team in China doesn't understand the process document that's written in English.  


Access to information is the first step to making the right decision but it's difficult to trust the information provided if you don't understand the language.  


Pine Tree Energy Council knows how daunting a process document can be and how much more daunting it can be when you don't understand the language it's written in.  That's why Pine Tree Energy has a team dedicated to document translation.  We can currently help translate documents into Chinese and Korean.


Contact us to learn more.  


You're sold and well-aware that being more energy efficient is a win-win for both you and the environment.  What's next?  Let Pine Tree walk through your place of business and audit your current energy usage.  The outcome of our audit will allow you to make more informed decisions on how and where to cut energy use, all while producing the same or better results.  


Contact us for a free consultation and audit.  

Planning and Implementation

Whether it's changing the way you use energy, integrating energy usage policies within your organization, or communicating the why, how, and where you've made improvements, planning is an essential part of your energy-savings plan.  But what's even more important is to implement that plan.  Our team of experts can help you  do both.  We'll produce business improvement documents, plan programs that work for your organization, and then execute on these plans to help you succeed in every way.   


Contact us for more information on how we can help. 

Marketing and Communications

You've now got great energy efficiency programs in place, made a number of improvements, and you're excited about the impending savings.  But two months down the line and no one knows these programs even exist, not even your own employees.  What went wrong?  


A program only works if everyone is onboard and that means communicating and marketing it appropriately both internally and externally.  


Let Pine Tree Energy Council help you produce marketing and communications tools that will make your programs known.  


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